Certification and testing


Certification and testing of water from the unit STABFOR®


  • the STABFOR® unit is approved for direct contact with drinking and hot water – Czech National Institute of Public Healthy.


  • efficacy on organic chemicals in water – Laboratories of the Elbe and Vltava river basins of the Czech Republic

  • efficacy on Legionella Pneumophila – Czech Republic National Institute of Public Health

  • efficacy in removing free chlorine from water – Advanced Biotechnology Centre Dubai

  • effect on the proliferation of probiotic bacterial cultures – a comprehensive report by Tibira s.r.o

  • impact on the production and quality of plants – in-house tests in the laboratory, client references

  • water stabilisation – visual annual tests in different climatic conditions

  • influencing the structure of water – photographing water crystals

Laboratory testing

Testing in the laboratory of Dr Masaru Emoto

Left: water before treatment with the Stabfor® unit

Right: water after treatment with the Stabfor® unit 


Testing in own laboratory:

Left: water before treatment with the Stabfor® unit

Right: water after treatment with the Stabfor® unit


Results of our testing


Take a look at the before and after photos of STABFOR® unit installation:

Piping 1 year from unit STABFOR® installation

Right side water inlet to the unit (clogged with biofilm), left side water outlet from the unit (biofilm removed).


1st photo - Lawn watered with untreated water from the row 2nd photo - Lawn watered with STABFOR® treated water

3rd photo - boundaries of the plot. The plots are in the same location, same type of lawn, same soil, same sowing period, same frequency of irrigation




Difference between lawn watered with STABFOR® (left) and row water (right).


On the left are tomatoes watered with rainwater.

On the right are tomatoes watered with water from the Stabfor® unit .