Frequently asked questions


What is H3O2 water?

Find out more about H3O2 water on our blog Mysterious water H3O2 aka the 'fourth phase' of water

Do minerals and beneficial substances remain in the water treated by a STABFOR® unit?

The STABFOR® unit is a flow-through device, therefore the minerals and beneficial substances remain in the water, only the structure of the limescale is changed, thus reducing its build-up.

Does using a STABFOR® unit affect household costs? 

Installing a STABFOR® unit reduces costs during its use. The unit protects your investment – your water-related appliances and fittings (washing machine, dishwasher, pipes, taps, etc.) are cleaned of biofilms, which stop to form. Using treated and stabilised water can reduce the consumption of washing powder and dishwasher detergent by up to 50 %. You no longer need to buy bottled water.

Does structured water also work when used in the garden?

Watering crops increases their germination, thereby increasing crop yield and durability, and helps prevent mould and pest infestation. Watering the lawn increases its quality and stability (durability).

Is the STABFOR® unit equally suitable for tap and well water?  

Yes, the STABFOR® unit is suitable for both tap water and well water. As for well water, we require analyses no older than 3 months and we propose individual solutions.

What if my home has 'ascending pipes', i.e., a separate supply line for hot and cold water?

The STABFOR® unit can be installed on the shower/tub, making all bathing water treated. For drinking and cooking, you can, for instance, fill a a 5-litre carboy with a kitchen tap. You can also solely keep the unit on the cold water supply line, but then the unit's effectiveness will be reduced if the water is mixed with the untreated warm water. The ideal and most accommodating solution is to have one unit connected to cold water and one unit connected to hot water.

There is also a solution for the entire apartment building, which is the most cost-effective. We always design such solutions individually according to the requested parameters of the building.

How can I install the STABFOR®?

For all installation and maintenance information, please refer to "Installation and maintenance"

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