Installation and maintenance


Unit installation:

  • the STABFOR® unit is designed for households and apartment buildings, businesses, commercial and industrial sites and more
  • Any plumber can install the STABFOR® unit for you. If you don't have a plumber, we can provide you with a solution and recommend a trained specialist. If interested in this option, please call us on +420 777 818 25 or send an email to

The unit is very universal when it comes to its application, i.e., it can be used on all water distribution systems

  • No manning and minimal maintenance required
    • you just replace the UV lamp once a year and the liner and stabilisers once every 2 years
    • the replacement is simple with the help of the the instructional video; anyone can do it by themselves, however, we recommend entrusting the job to a professional plumber who is licensed to work with electrical equipment
    • If interested you may also use the services of our external trained professionals
  • no wastewater is generated during unit operation
  • period of use – the unit’s useful life is at least 20 years
  • the units are produced in different sizes that can be selected according to actual flow rates 
    • type S is suitable for most households as its capacity is sufficient to comprehensively treat water in a three-generation residential home. Other types are tailored to the individual needs of the client

IInstructional videos:

UV lamp replacement
Replacement set

Maintenance instructions for the unit: