• Elimination of pollutants
  • A simple solution for the entire household
  • Czech invention
  • A cost saving and ecological process

Structured living water throughout the home

The STABFOR® unit is not an ordinary drinking water filter, it is not a filter at all. It is a flow-through device that comprehensively purifies water throughout your home, making it vibrant, clean, structured and healthy without the use of chemicals. It rids water of chlorine, pesticides, hormones and pharmaceuticals, including Legionella Pneumophila bacteria.

Customer experience

Jan Konůpek

My STABFOR® unit was installed over a year ago and I am very satisfied. The difference in taste is indeed striking. Now I even enjoy drinking plain water, with no flavouring, which I didn't like before.

Mr and Mrs Koller

After installing the STABFOR® unit we were very pleasantly surprised by the great taste of the water and especially the effect on our skin, which was really softer after showering. My husband has psoriasis in his hair and after half a year, the foci are not noticeable at all and the skin is healed.


Zuzana Háková

Ever since our STABFOR® unit was installed we all drink water, including the children. It has a beautiful colour, smell and taste, so deliciously springy, non-chemical. It's like from a fabled spring. Even our visitors who taste it say so.

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