Benefits of STABFOR® unit


The STABFOR® unit is a unique potable water treatment technology that provides clean, healthy and structured water to every tap throughout your home.

  • Water free of chemicals
     pesticides, residues of hormones, pharmaceuticals and bacteria (including Legionella Pneumophila)
  • Structured
    and living water with a glacier-like taste in every tap
  • Saves
    your wallet and the environment
  • One solution
    for your entire household

A delicious taste you'll come to love

Healthy water should form the basis of our drinking regimen. Water is a part of every single one of our cells. Our bodies are 60% water (96% water molecules). Our blood is up to 80% water (99% molecules).

Many people don't drink water because they don't like its taste. With a STABFOR® unit you get tasty, naturally pure – healed water as if from the best water sources in nature. Children, adults and pets love the water.

It's not just the water you drink

Few people know that during a short shower human skin absorbs substances contained in up to 1.5 litres of water. What the STABFOR® unit does is provide you and your family with clean water for showering, brushing your teeth, cooking and rinsing food, washing dishes and washing clothes. Because even that water affects us and influences our health.


Cost saving

The STABFOR® unit treats water for your entire household.

  • Save your pipes, washing machine, dishwasher, toilets, showers, baths, taps and sinks from limescale, thereby prolonging the life of your home appliances
  • A family of four saves up to CZK 40,000 a year on bottled water
  • The pipes are cleaned of living biofilm, which extends their useful life
  • Reduce the amount of washing powder or dishwasher detergent by up to 50%
  • Toilets and bathrooms become less clogged with limescale and biofilm, saving you time and money on cleaning products

Healthy water not only benefits people, but also animals and plants

Keep your plants free of chemicals. Your plants will sprout like mushrooms thanks to the comprehensive water treatment. Higher yields, better crop quality, absence of diseases and moulds, longer shelf life, excellent taste.


Chemical and chlorine-free swimming pool

Special pool technology will treat your pool water, making the pool like a mountain lake with crystal clear and healthy water.