Effects of the STABFOR® unit


The STABFOR® unit is a flow-through device that combines several different water treatment technologies.

It is a unique solution that generates high-quality potable water in every single tap of the entire household or building. The result of the treatment process is chemical and residuese of hormone, structured water, with a suitable pH, microbially stabilised, free of unwanted biofilm and with the taste of a vibrant, glacier-like water.

The STABFOR® unit

  • produces structured living water
  • removes residues of hormone, pesticide and pharmaceutical  from water
  • eliminates 100% of bacteria, including Legionella Pneumophila
    • eliminates up to 100% of free chlorine
  • produces chlorine dioxide
  • removes live biofilm from pipes
  • reduces limescale build-up by up to 50% on average
  • stabilises water for storage for several weeks to months

Water from the STABFOR® unit

Supports propagation of living cultures by up to 30%

It is therefore also suitable for the production of fermented and other beverages.



Iincreases plant and crop yields by up to 5-fold

  • ensures higher yields
  • longer shelf life and better quality without diseases and mould

Saves your wallet and your home appliances

No more bottled water and pipes clogged with biofilm and limescale build-up.


Our testing and certification

certification and tests

See what STABFOR® unit looks like: