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Feedback from an owner of the unit:

In 2021 we decided to start producing a fermented beverage using ancient probiotic cultures called tibi crystals. The quality of the water is extremely important in the process of making a beverage. We tried different water treatment plants, water from natural wells, pyramidal water... Conducting sophisticated research, measuring, weighing and testing on all water sources in laboratories. The quality of the water can also be easily determined by the increase of tibi crystals during the fermentation process. In all respects the water from the STABFOR® unit was the obvious choice for us. We started to use the water treated/healed by the STABFOR® unit for the fermentation of our TIbiRa beverage, because there was no need to boil, aspire impurities or otherwise treat the water. We also saw an increase in tibi crystals. STABFOR® is the basis of TibiRa and its quality.

TibiRa – owner Petr Přecechtěl and Tereza Hozmanová

Wild & COCO:


Feedback from an owner of the unit:

We discovered theSTABFOR® unit after 5 years of using alkaline water at a point in time when we decided to improve the water quality in a larger flow for the entire household and for food production purposes. At that time our friend Johny and other friends were considering STABFOR®  and, because of this, we decided to try Stabfor at home as well as in the food manufacturing plant. Suddenly we started to enjoy bathing more, and even drinking plain water became more enjoyable. We have been equally surprised in our food production, where we make great products by fermenting coconut and using treated water. But the main revelation was yet to come. After moving the food production plant from Hradec Králové, where the water was 'relatively fine', to Mníšek pod Brdy, the the shelf life of our products essentially dropped by half. This was due to the water source, which is partly from a well and partly delivered by tanker trucks. We needed to address the situation immediately and we reached out to the inventor of STABFOR®, Zdeněk Čermák, who suggested a solution using STABFOR®  M and a special modified water tank. The shelf life increased two and a half to three times overall. In addition, we made water crystals that we know from the videos of Dr Masaru Emota. The crystals beautifully show the harmonisation and structure of the water that we use, want to drink, have in our bodies and in our products. Our whole team took to the habit of filling their bottles to take the water back home. All of our products, such as coconut kephirs, coconut yoghurt, contain this delicious water and transfer it into the bodies of thousands of our consumers. So once again, thank you very much to the entire New Human Solution team and we cannot wait to test your next creation.

Wild & COCO - owner Atrey Rae

Bakery and cafe CHLEBA SE SOLÍ:


Feedback from an owner of the unit:

The treated water is used to make all kinds of pastries, coffe and drink preparations. The water is also used for washing dishes, sanitary ware and ovens. It is possible to taste the water in shop, thanks to long-term stabilisation the water can be stored in exposed barrels for several months.

Main benefits:

  • Flour absorbs about 15-20% more water-> increase the weight of the dough by approximately 5-10%-> increase production by around 5-10%-> increase in sales at the same or negligibly higher cots 
  • Coffe tastes significantly better -> up to three times higher coffe consumption
  • The return on investment just related to the sale of bread is approximately 4 months. When other benefits (coffe, pastries, rolls, etc.) ares included, the return is considerably faster  

Chleba se solí -  owner Jakub Pavlovský a Zuzana Fuková 

Apartment building and Community Centre Na Zámečku 

Feedback from tenants of an apartment building: 

"After fitting the STABFOR® unit to the apartment building, we were very pleasantly surprised by its result. The taste of the water is now so soft, nearly sweet. During that year, we also noticed that no limescale settled on the fauces, for example, in the kettle, we just wiped off a light white deposit with a cloth..."

"We cannot smell Chlorine or other chemicals in the water anymore. We our own taking water with us now."

"The flowers lasted 14 days in the vase. The tomatoes in the pot lasted and spawned beautifully until the of October, withnout the fungus." 

More references: 

"Our son Jeník was 5.5 years old when he collapsed and suddenly stopped breathing. After being rushed to the hospital, he ended up on IV and oxygen. He had bronchitis and an early stage of pneumonia. To the boy could not take in any water and did not eat at all. The very next day Jeník asked me if his daddy would bring him "our good water" from home. As soon as we brought him STABFOR® treated water from home, my son started drinking properly, then eating. Jeník's health improved immediately, mainly or perhaps only thanks to this water. Within a few days, they let my son go home. It's a powerful story for the whole family that we still live by it today. I myself had problems with bronchitis."

Kateřina Češková

"We have a STABFOR® unit installed in our home. After the first month of using EZ water I feel a complete absence of bodily fatigue, I consume much less black coffee (caffeine always gave me bursts of energy), my skin condition on the whole body improved (hydration, softer skin), my hair thickened and strengthened. However, the effect on my favourite potted plants at home is literally incredible... In January (during the dormant season) flowers get their strength back, bloom, form new petals and branches, even fuchsias overwintering in the poorly lit laundry room put on fresh petals and started to bloom... I guess they forgot that their flowering time comes in summer. It's a live miracle for me and I still can't stop marvelling at what our precious water can do. I am thankful that I can have this miracle in my home to benefit my whole family and my plants and the whole garden in the summer. And what is good for plants is good for people. I can only recommend it."

Hana Panská

 "We live in a family house near a village and we have our own well as a source of drinking water. From the beginning we fought with quality and taste of the water. We have always had water suitable and according to analyses in standards, but too ferric and hard, including mechanical impurities and turbidities. The water wasn't excellent in taste. We reassured ourselves that the most important thing is that we don't have to treate the water chemically. We tried some filtration, but it was always the main criterion without chemistry.

After installing the STABFOR® unit, the water has improved in taste significantly. If we perceive this ourselves, I might think we were infulenced by the consciousness of the unit installation, but changes were also noticed by others who knows our water, drink it and had no idea of the unit's installation. So we only have the best experience with STABFOR® unit. In a few months, when the "old" dirt is released from the pipeline, we want to try analysing the water before entering the unit as well as after the unit.

I can't describe exactly what happened, not do I know exactly what the STABFOR® unit doeswith water, but the difference is huge. So I recommend it to all who like drinking water..."

Jan Vilánek, co-owner of the Auböck construction company 

"Hello everyone, I have had the unit for about 2-3 months. During his speech, Mr Zdeněk Čermák told us how to improve acne in teenagers. I have strange unsightly formations on my face that they tried to remove with a dermatological laser. It was painful, especially in the eye area, etc. The effect was minimal, the formations got smaller, but did not disappear. Mr Zdeněk had a speaking event in Hradec Kralové including a speech, which I attended. So in the evening, after returning from the event, I decided to try it on my skin. I cleaned my skin after the day, rinsed my face with water from the STABFOR® unit 3 times before I went to bed. I didn't use a towel to dry: I let the water soak into the skin. From early in the morning, 3 a.m., every time I go to the bathroom I rinse my face again. Suddenly I notice that my right cheek is smooth to the touch, unusual. Hmmm, I wonder what may have happened. I took a mirror and glasses and I observed that after 12h of applying water on my face the strange formations have completely disappeared from my right cheek. The formations on the left cheek were larger but got smaller, as did those on the forehead, which was previously full of 'craters' that I had to hide under make-up. An absolute miracle has happened. I am also seeing an improvement in my dogs' fur, which is shinier. The fur is a reflection of the dog's health. I feed them high quality hypo-allergenic insect-free food, also raw meat, raw fish so that I don't rely solely on dry food, but... What is it actually the corporations put in the granules, who knows what's in them? Even before using the water the dogs were healthy, but after we started using this water it is even better. So thank you for this opportunity you've given me."

Ewa Kalendová

"Water with STABFOR® unit is really tasty. There is nothing to smell, there is no aftertaste after drinking, not is there a taste of heavy metals. After showering is no coating on the body, with which we have ecperienced with the family. The biggest benefit for us is no coating on the body, with which we have experineced with the family. The biggest benefit for us is that we can let our litle daughter drink the water without worries, for whom we would otherwise have to buy baby water. And when the water is chilled it tastes just like water from a mountain well :)."

Barbora Markuzi, mum on maternity leave 

"Before the STABFOR® unit installation, I used reverse osmosis, the water was without a chlorine taste, but I didn't like it. Now I feel very good about water and started to like it very much. Also, I don't feel chemicals from the water. So, I'm staisfied with the STABFOR® unit and can recommend it."

Tadeáš Spousta, financial advisor