Water is the blood of Mother Earth

Water is the blood of Mother Earth

Water is the firstborn of life. It is full of mysticism. As history goes on, it can be seen that all the people who were concerned with solving the mystery of water were the target of the fiercest resistance. Protecting the secrets of water is also a means of securing hefty monetary gains. If the problem of water production could be solved, and if any amount of water of any quality could be produced at any time and in any place, one would be able to re-fertilise vast areas of the desert, so protecting the secrets of water is the greatest capital.

However, water really hides similar secrets as the blood in the human body. In nature, it performs functions that provide a full justification for speaking of water as the " Earth's blood." Naturally moving water reproduces. It rises regardless of everything and its quality increases. It changes its boiling point and freezing point, and this phenomenon is used by wise nature to lift water even without pumps to the tops of the highest mountains, as we can observe in mountain springs. The term "lift" must not be taken literally, because in this case it is a natural process of spreading and cultivation. This process, in turn, serves to give birth to air, to create an air envelope, which serves to develop a higher life - the Earth's water cycle.

The water cycle in nature is also related to the formation of groundwater and its level. The groundwater level depends on the soil's cooling by vegetation. When a period of drought occurs in a normal landscape, it leads to an increase in the evaporation of trees and the necessary heat is taken from the root system. Therefore, the groundwater level rises towards the surface and prevents the impending drying of the root area. However, if any vegetation is missing, the force that moves the groundwater up is also missing. It should be borne in mind that, for example, deforestation not only drops the groundwater level, but also disrupts the permanent transport of nutrients from the Earth's interior to the surface, which takes place under normal conditions without problems. We can consider the forest as a kind of energy centre for the whole surrounding landscape. Each tree is an energetically charged body, in which a number of complex processes take place, and whereby energy is also released into the environment. This energy, "horizontal soil radiation", which is also radiated by natural watercourses, is not only the main source of plant growth, but also contributes to the formation of groundwater. The forest is the cradle and homeland of divine water, which sometimes becomes a great danger to the person who destroys its homeland.



When we think about all these things, we come to the conclusion that today's failures (diseases, degeneration, etc.) must be attributed to the errors that took place in the soil, water and air. Forest destruction is taking place everywhere and its results are frightening - a drop in groundwater levels, catastrophic floods, the decline of agriculture ... etc. The naturally grown forest is the basis of all qualities, which also applies to water production and nutrition. When the interplay of a natural forest is disturbed, the formation of natural, biologically normal water is affected first, and consequently all the remaining organic matter. The biological quality of food is declining, people are increasingly subject to diseases from malnutrition - it is a logical consequence of destroying forests and natural processes in water ... that is why the care of the natural forest is a vital issue for the nation. A natural forest is like a power plant that sends its energy to the surrounding landscape through flowing clean water. Without a healthy forest there is no healthy water, no healthy blood. It follows that due to current methods of forestry and water management, fundamental living conditions are deteriorating.

Only nature can and may be our great teacher. If we want to heal again in body and spirit, we must look for the laws of great processes, how and by what means Mother Earth produces its blood and how it supplies it to all kinds of its consumers. When we uncover this mystery and faithfully imitate what has been tried for millions of years, then we will not make mistakes and only then can we meaningfully intervene in the great life's work of nature and reap the abundance of the best and noblest fruits created and maintained by Mother Earth in countless variations using its healthy blood

Source: Viktor Schauberger and the Secret of Living Water (Olof Alexandersso

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